In September, Paul’s 2005 Hyundai Sonata finally gave up the ghost, after almost 167,000 miles.  Because he was happy with his Sonata, he went to Palm Springs Hyundai to look at purchasing a good used Hyundai without too many miles.  Paul tested several, and liked all of them, but the costs were a little elevated for his modest budget.  Fortunately, salesmen Greg Dixon and Steve Allen pointed out a powder blue 2014 Chevy Spark EV that had been sitting on their lot for a while.  The price tag was about $5,000 less than the Sonatas and Elantras Paul was checking out.  For a small car, the Spark (now affectionately called “Sparky”) has an extremely roomy interior!  It is also an all-electric vehicle, so Paul feels really good about not harming the environment while he’s driving!  Keeping the car charged can be a challenge – Paul can get about 100 miles of driving from a full charging, so he’s learning where all the free charging stations are located in Palm Springs and Cathedral City (he has a charge station at home, thanks to a $400 special power cord).  When the “tank” gets down to about 15 miles, it’s time for Paul to head for home!


So now that he has a new car, as of late October 2017, Paul has become a driver with Lyft!  It’s a perfect complement to Paul’s other duties – he can do it any time he likes, and the hours are totally flexible!

Paul will spend most of his Lyft driving time looking for fares in Palm Springs and Cathedral City.  Paul’s Lyft code is PAUL75109 – as they say, “Please make a note of it.”  So a GREAT referral for Paul would be your friend on the west side of the Coachella Valley who uses Lyft, and wants to ensure a comfortable and safe ride around town!